Victoria Arduino 義大利頂級濃縮咖啡機

Victoria Arduino

義大利Victoria Arduino成立於1905年,從Pier Teresio Arduino先生製造出第一台咖啡機起,Victoria Arduino就是全歐洲咖啡歷史的象徵。

2000年加入 Simonelli集團之後,至今Victoria Arduino仍堅持以超過百年的義大利精湛工藝,融合入先進的技術製造;每一台咖啡機都由11個專業工程師花費76小時、將983個專業組件完成的純手工打咖啡機。而現在,每每人們談論到Victoria Arduino 就會想起它不僅代表咖啡,並且有著深厚的文學、藝術、社會背景。Victoria Arduino並以具有歷史傳說的老鷹為其標誌,代表著其公司堅持義大利傳統的信念,並以古典咖啡海報風靡全世界。


The first contact Pier Teresio Arduino had with espresso machines was probably due to a woman, who the young man met at a Turin locale in the early 1900s.

Pier Teresio Arduino (1876 – 1923) built his first espresso machine in 1905, basing it on the principles of physics that govern heat exchange between two fluids. Thus was born the “Victoria” that in 1906 was installed in one of the “Rolando & Brosio” locales in Turin, the one in which he met the woman who would later become his wife.

But why did he call his coffee machine the “Victoria”? The reason was very simple: he believed his victory, or rather, an “Italian victory“, was the fruit of the efforts made to obtain it.

In addition to the obsessive attention to the technology with the registration of numerous patents, Arduino put a lot of attention into the design of each product. Marketing and commercial aspects were never left to chance: participation in events and fairs, building an efficient sales network and advertising investments were at the center of his thoughts. He used all his efforts to raise awareness and increase the use of his product around the world.
After more than a century, Pier Teresio Arduino’s vision continues to guide our thoughts, actions and ambitions, creating products with innovative technology and design,-linked to the experience that goes with espresso consumption all over the world.